Thursday, March 15, 2018

3rd graders love Cabin Creek Mysteries

A wonderful surprise just made my day. My post office box was stuffed with letters from 3rd graders in North Carolina. In various degrees of beautiful penmanship with charming drawings, they explained that their teacher reads two chapters a day to them. They were thrilled with the stories, but "very, very sad" that #8 was about to end. "Please write more," they said. In a separate note their teacher added,
       I wanted you to see how your Cabin Creek Mysteries have motivated my 3rd-grade students to love mysteries. Recently one of my students came to me all excited that he had found book 9 in your CCM. Naturally I had to add it to my collection. We are currently writing mysteries in class and many students have incorporated your books into their story. Thanks for helping my students love "read alouds".
     My pleasure! And thank you to teachers and parents who pass on a love of story to children. I'm privileged to be part of this adventure, and 'very, very happy' to tell them #10 is on the way: "The Curse of Shark Cove," set in a California town by the sea.