Monday, February 27, 2017

Ada, the neighborhood elk

Yesterday morning I watched what I thought was a baby moose behind the Boise Co-Op, chewing the bushes at Dr. Bodily's dentist office. She was scruffy adorable. Seeing wildlife in town however, may become a joy of the past, with no more stewardship of our environment. The president's new puppet, Scott Pruitt, says eliminating the EPA "is justified" -- that Americans look at it "much like they look at the IRS." Words fail.

Fortunately for now, Idaho Fish & Game is on duty. They've been out to see her and have determined she is an older elk they call "Ada," but because of her age she can't be sedated and moved. Most likely she'll forage in the neighborhood and eventually make her way back to the foothills. The best thing is "to give her space until she's ready to leave on her own;" and especially NOT to feed her, so she won't become dependent on humans. Thank you, Idaho Fish & Game for checking on "Ada."

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