Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Cabin Creek Mystery: The Case of the Spying Drone

Hello reading friends!
    I'm excited to announce #8 in the Cabin Creek Mystery series:
The Case of the Spying Drone, with illustrations by my son, Cody Rutty.
     Research was a blast, especially with my cousin, Scott Gregory, who gave me an expert tutorial [PHOTO, below]. On a blustery, gray day in Chico, California my uncle and I watched Scott's drone soar over the canyon of Upper Bidwell Park. From his computer screen our bird's-eye view showed us the volcanic cliffs dotted with manzanita and blooming Buckbrush, the creek far below.  It was beautiful and inspired several scenes in my story.
    And since many of you have written and asked to see more of Mr. Wellback, here he is! I hope you enjoy this next adventure:  
     During spring break, college student Ariel (from #3, The Legend of Skull Cliff), takes the cousins and family friend, Mr. Wellback, camping as her assistants: She has grant money to study wildlife with a drone. But when someone breaks into their tents and steals Claire's diary and David's sketchbook, the cousins feel they're being watched. And when a different drone hovers while they're fishing, the kids set out to investigate who is spying on them, and why?

paperback & e-book