Friday, August 14, 2015

New releases: Hope's Revolutionary War Diaries 1-3

Five Smooth Stones
We Are Patriots
When Freedom Comes
Red, White, and Blue! I'm happy to announce the re-release of Hope's Revolutionary War Diaries #1-3, for young readers 7-10 years old. Originally published by Scholastic for the My America series, they're now available on Amazon, as an e-book and in paperback. Handsome new covers designed by Cody Rutty.

For research, I made several trips to Philadelphia and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I love writing about Colonial America because some of my ancestors served in Washington's army -- and some fought for the British.  The character of Miss Sarah is based on Betsy Ross, and the setting is on the cobbled street where she lived.

I hope you enjoy reading Hope's diaries as she describes school, a forbidden friendship and serving enemy soldiers when they quartered with her family.

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