Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First rejection: memoir 3

Poppy & 1st rejection letter
The mailbox in front of our house had an ocean view. I felt excited about the white envelope addressed to me from a publisher in Racine, Wisconsin and held my breath for a moment, hopeful for good news. It was a warm afternoon. I could hear waves and two surfers laughing as they headed to the beach with boards under their arms.
     I hurried into the kitchen, and with a butter-knife sliced the envelope, careful not to rip the typed message inside:
Dear Miss Gregory,
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to examine your material. We have given it our careful consideration and regret that we are unable to use it at the present time ... Sincerely yours, Dorothy Joslyn
     "Hmm," I thought. "Guess I'll try somewhere else." I tucked the letter in a desk drawer and went outside to the sidewalk where my friend waited with our bikes. I was eleven years old.
     We rode down the hill to the pier, the salt breeze in our hair. That sunny day after school, I didn't realize the significance of Ms. Joslyn's words dated March 19, 1963. It was the first rejection for my heartfelt writing, and the first of what would be many hundreds.
     I still have that letter! In the photo [above] Poppy guards it with her paw. She's sympathetic and gentle when it comes to these things.

From BLUE SKIES: ONE AUTHOR'S JOURNEY, to be published this Fall. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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