Sunday, October 14, 2012

office assistants with furry heads

helpers Poppy & Daisy
It's a beautiful fall day in Idaho; leaves are golden and the sun is warm. I've been outside all afternoon, working in a beach chair with my laptop. My office assistants nap in the shade of our picket fence, and every so often lift their heads to check on me [PHOTO, right].

Meanwhile, letters arrived today. As always, young readers are encouraging and sincere. An 11-year old in Colorado wrote passionately about the importance of historical fiction: "Children aren't learning enough about history," she said. They "need to know more about our nation's past." I look forward to writing her back and telling her I couldn't agree more.  

letters from young readers
Well the afternoon reverie has suddenly come to an end: my assistants are up from their naps! They are staring at me with time-for-dinner eyes. If I do not get out of this chair VERY soon to feed them, they will come over and rest their furry yellow heads on xjyrb this keyboard apxz x[/cd,xzlznfss=lm

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