Friday, August 10, 2012

sometimes a kind word makes you feel like an Olympian

 Payette Lake w/ my hiking buddies
We just drove down from the mountains after a week in the pines and swimming the dogs in Payette Lake. It was refreshing without computers or Facebook but--confession here--we binged on TV! Yay for the Olympics! I'm always inspired by the athletes' years of toil and self-discipline, and feel a kindred spirit with their hopes. So it was particularly meaningful this afternoon when I opened my laptop and found this thoughtful review of STALKED. It's from Children's Literary Classics and they call it "historical fiction with a thrilling twist." Sometimes a few kind words can make you feel like an Olympian.


Heather Spiva said...

Oh yeah! Of course it is just that. STALKED is an amazing book. And you're the writing Olypian that inspires me. :)

Kristiana Gregory said...

Thank you Heather! You're very encouraging :)