Saturday, August 25, 2012

checking in

Hard at work, Le Café de Paris, Boise
It's been three years since Scholastic published The Secret of the Junkyard Shadow, #6 in the Cabin Creek Mysteries. Since then, a mountain of mail from teachers, parents and young readers has encouraged me to write more of the adventures, featuring the sleuthing cousins Jeff, David, and Claire, and their loyal dogs Tessie, Rascal and Yum-Yum.

David's map of Cabin Creek with Lost Island & Fog Island
I'm delighted to report that Scholastic has now given me permission to continue the series with a new publisher, so I've started #7: Danger on Fog Island. The funny part is that I've forgotten most of the stories and am re-reading them, pencil in hand. Keeping straight who had brown hair or green eyes, and the name of tattle-tale parrot ("Ringo") is all on a yellow pad so I can refer back to everyone. It made me smile to be reminded that the kids get in plenty of trouble and have to figure their way out. So that's where we'll pick up: a bit of trouble, a mystery, the dogs of course, and perhaps a saucy parrot.

If you have ideas for more adventures, I'd love to hear from you!


juliepollitt said...

Funny how you forget all those little details. I have to keep a pad on the side and jot things down so I can remember. But, then I can't find my pad! I'm excited to read the books!

Heather Spiva said...

Soooo glad for you. :)

Kristiana Gregory said...

Thanks Julie & Heather ... it's so true how details can slip your memory when at one time you were sure you'd never forget!

keenan chaychuk said...

can i use this picture in a school power point, it's for a book talk

Kristiana Gregory said...

Hi Keenan ... sure! Have fun with your power point and let me know how it goes :-)