Monday, February 27, 2012

kids with e-readers: kindle vs nook, Part Two

On Friday my hairdresser and I had a good discussion about e-readers for kids. As I posted here in January, her 11-year-daughter had received a Kindle for Christmas. Initially thrilled, the sixth-grader was soon envious of her friends who had Nooks because they could read and play games.

Now six weeks later, it seems her peers are mostly playing games. With one click it's easy to fool a parent that comes into the room. It's easy to fool people at school. Her teacher organized a reading-for-fun pajama party. I didn't get all the details, except that the students with Real Books and Kindles were actually reading. Those with multi-use devises were just goofing off with games. Cheating. It's sad but the teacher canceled the program.

My friend said she's thankful this "1st generation" Kindle is for books only. She has three children. Like other good parents she's trying to be vigilant supervising TV, Internet, video games, and cell-phones.

"At least when my eleven-year old daughter goes to her room to read, I know she's reading."


Diana Guess said...

I bought for my kid a Kindle, because I've read many great and interesting things regarding this device. I also downloaded for him some eBooks from All you can books... a great site with hundreds of titles and I can have them with just one click, because I have a trial period. Thank you for this article, by the way!

Kristiana Gregory said...

It's good to know there're so many e-titles available for kids. Thanks for letting me know, Diana!

Anonymous said...

Ok this is not about the post, but I have been trying for days to find out who the Illustrator of your book The Stowaway A Tale of California Pirates is for my son for his book report. It has been quite difficult to find. Can you tell me who it is?

Kristiana Gregory said...

Hello Anonymous ... there are two different covers: the edition where there's a pirate standing on the ship above Carlito was painted by Joe DiCesare. The one where Carlito is by himself & his shirt is ripped was Craig Nelson.

The names are on the book jackets, but they're in small print and hard to see. Sorry you had trouble!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. My son really enjoyed your book!

Kristiana Gregory said...

You're very welcome. I'm so glad your son is a reader and that he liked STOWAWAY :)