Wednesday, January 25, 2012

two octogenarian ski buddies

Mt. Baldy, Idaho w/ Mom & Louise(in sassy red hat) 2010
Last week my mother saved her friend's life.

They were staying in the Sun Valley Lodge on their annual ski trip together, when Louise collapsed in their room. Mom didn't realize that her buddy had had what the neurosurgeon later said was a "very severe stroke, the kind where most people die." Somehow my mother, 88, set aside her panic and did everything right, got help, and soon Louise was life-flighted down to Boise. 

Friends and family have flown here to be with Louise until she's well enough to return to California. Day by day she's able to say another word and move a little bit more. When I visited this afternoon, she nodded hello then started whistling! Oh, I hope to be that spirited at 82!!


Susan Spann said...

Wow! That's fantastic. I hope I have as good and as level-headed a friend when I reach 82. Tell your mom we all think she's a hero here in Sacramento.

I saw your Tweet about the post and just had to stop by and see the details!

Kristiana Gregory said...

Thank you, Susan ... I'll tell Mom about her fans in Sacramento. I'm proud of her too.

This morning, Louise's daughter and I took Louise for a wheelchair ride in the sunny but 25 degree fresh air. We wrapped her up in our down coats so she could see the snowy mountains--a spectacular view. When we were back by the fireplace she managed to smile and say, "that was nice" ... made our day! Thanks for your kind words :)