Monday, January 16, 2012

kids in strollers at the Mac store

at our Mac store
Recently, my friend Jessica consoled me about my frustrations with technology. "It's like learning a second language," she said. "If you start as a baby, you don't even have to think about it. It's intuitive."
Intuitive. That word makes me feel like a Conestoga wagon on the freeway. Just when I think I've figured out my computer, I bump the wrong key and everything zaps into a mess. For instance, as I was typing this blog the lettering suddenly switched from red to black. What's that about? It'll take an hour to read the Help Forum, so I'm going to leave it as is.

Last week my husband and I trekked to the Mac store in the mall for help with my gizmo. We sat at the "Genius Bar" (oh, if that's not intimidating). The young tech clickety-clacked over my keyboard like those guys in the movies saving the world at the last second. As he explained things with an air of nonchalance, I glanced at the table behind us. It was made for toddlers: low to the ground with tiny beanbag chairs and two Apple computers, the screens twirling with colorful games. I watched a little girl exit her pink stroller [PHOTO, above] and like nobody's business begin her own clickety-clacking.

Intuitive from the stroller. Lucky kid!


Diane B. said...

I believe we are now experiencing what our Grandparents did in their reluctance to learn to use the remote control for the television.....
"What's so bad about getting off of your behind to change the channel?"

Kristiana Gregory said...