Monday, December 26, 2011

Kringle: a Christmas tradition makes it into a novel

Almond frosted Kringle
We're eating Kringle this holiday, lots of it! This tradition started in my childhood when my Danish great-grandmother would send it from Racine, Wisconsin. It's a heavenly pastry probably meant to be eaten in dainty slivers with a polite cup of coffee, but we pretty much scarf it.

It's a curious thing how personal tidbits slip into the novels I write for young readers. It's not deliberate, but somehow my characters will go swimming in the ocean if the setting is a hot summer day. Figures, since I grew up on the beach and to this day I love to dive under the waves. Dogs--HAPPY dogs--often appear in my stories with characters who love them. And there's usually someone drinking "good strong coffee."

In my newest novel, STALKED, there's Kringle to go with that coffee. The story opens in Copenhagen in the winter of 1911. The main character, Rikke, was inspired by my great-grandmother Maren Kristine Sorensen who immigrated to America from Denmark. Rikke likes her coffee and Kringle -- and when the hot New York summer comes around, she dunks herself in the waves off Coney Island!


Diane said...

I have never heard or seen these before! Fun!!! :O)

Kristiana Gregory said...

Diane, they're sooo delicious ... just moments ago I ate another three "slivers" !

Diane B. said...

I haven't heard the word "scarf" in awhile! Thanks for the laugh!!
I also seem to remember a dog in one of your stories, Bodie perhaps, that was based on our wonderful Keena....
Thank you for your "slivers" - that's what makes your books so wonderful!

Kristiana Gregory said...

Diane B, I think Keena and Russell should have their own story some day! -- thanks so much for your encouragement; it means a lot :)